a. reviews, etc:

stuff you may need before you buy the game

  1. MMP’s products
  2. ASL on BGG
  3. ASL module dependency v6 by Mattias
  4. “buying guide that can be used as a review” by cptal
  5. “An attempt to describe why ASL is so compelling” by Andrew C

b. forums:

these are all non-official

  1. gamesquad ASL
  2. ASL forums BGG
  3. ASLSK1 forums BGG
  4. ASL reddit

c. essentials:

stuff you may need after you bought the game

  1. VASL
  2. how to use the VASL UI
  3. ASL central discord
  4. ASLSK official rules
  5. Desperation Morale: YCRFEYNTPASL

d. player-aids:

stuff you may need whilst playing the game

  1. ASL phases quick reference by richfam
  2. ASLSK sequence of play
  3. the readable advanced sequence of play by richfam
  4. ASLSK private’s (very) quick reference sheet
  5. CCTORC (Close Combat Table Odds Ratio Chart)
  6. remember me
  7. tank commander’s bible
  8. Rich Spilky’s collection of printable PAs
  9. texas ASL’s massive player-aids collection

e. a_t_great’s collection of more PAs:

found on ASLCD by various authors

  1. the big black book of ASL sleaze
  2. The ponderous book of ASL play-aids
  3. aircraft notes
  4. allied minor
  5. area vs. infantry
  6. beaches
  7. CCV
  8. DC
  9. fire
  10. Germans
  11. glider landings
  12. goliath
  13. halftrack
  14. IIFT result calculator v2.3
  15. LATW
  16. location
  17. mini-IFT
  18. mortar
  19. night chart
  20. paddies
  21. PTO chart
  22. red barricades
  23. remember
  24. paratrooper landing
  25. sewers
  26. slopes
  27. tanks
  28. tank commander
  29. unarmored vehicles
  30. US tanks
  31. weather
  32. WP

f. utilities:

from tools to directories

  1. ASL scenario archive
  2. jrv’s ROAR
  3. IIFT result calculator by Nils Bakke
  4. ordnance to kill probabilities calculator by Gary Mei
  5. Texas ASL’s collection of all the boards
  6. ASL players’ map by Nadir_E (click here to post your location)

g. podcasts, series, blogs:

podcasts with a focus on ASL and some others talking about ASL

  1. the 2 half-squads
  2. Hong Kong Wargamer’s blog
  3. VASLing with Stew
  4. the long view: advanced squad leader
  5. no dice no glory #39
  6. wargaming recon #216
  7. three moves ahead #292

x. to-do:

  • add rest of the discord links
  • add clubs
  • add podcasts
  • add 3rd party charts
  • add maps
  • add jrv’s roar
  • add scenario archive
  • add vasl setup guide
  • add asl google map
  • link to hongkongwargamer’s blog
  • link to gamesquad ASL
  • link to tools and utilities
  • doublecheck all the links
  • add stuff from the ASLSK facebook group
  • add J Richardson guide
  • add VASL templates

y. disclaimer

this website as of 21. october 2020 is still in alpha v0.0.2. the placement of links in the lists, and the lists themselves are subject to change.

z. contact:

wolfie#2101 on discord

special thanks to: hongkongwargamer, a_t_great, jon, jrv, scott, craig, una mas, conni and katana